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Day 23 - Technology in Reverse

For most of the history of Architecture, a day in the life of an Architect was spent with pencils and paper.  The tools of the trade.  It was craft, just as much as laying bricks or carving wood.

Now we spend all day on computers.  Modern technology is wonderful, don't get me wrong, but I feel like something has been lost.  Drawings were once more than a way to dryly communicate design intentions.  On the contrary, there was a subtle sense of Love and Care that leaked out of the Architects hand and onto the paper.  It's something I need more of, and if you've never tried it I strongly encourage it. 

Day 22 - Codes and Ordinances

Everything you see in the built environment is the result of a decision making process that involves many people and many groups of people.  The rules that govern the use, shape and general character of a building are often set in place long before a new building is conceived of, and shaping these rules is a matter of local governance.  Codes and Ordinances are all around you, whether you see them or not.  You can be sure that nothing in Architecture, good, bad or ugly, is arbitrary. 

Day 11 - Healthy Living

By the modern definition, Architects are tasked with protecting the Health, Safety and Welfare of the Public.  Today we take quick look at Health, and what that entails.  As we all learn more about what is healthy for our bodies, it stands to reason that we would also learn about what makes a healthy environment for our bodies to move around in.

Day 5 - Your Own Personal Architecture

All of the solid stuff of Architecture creates space, but what makes a Place?  Is an empty house a home?  Someone else said it perfectly.

" bind the goods and trappings of your life together with your dreams to make a place that is uniquely your own."
                                        - Charles W. Moore -

Day 3 - Civic Duty?

Today I had Jury Duty, and the Judge spoke at great length about the importance of donating our time as citizens to this cornerstone of our American Legal System.  I was never called, but sitting  in the courthouse basement all day gave me lots time to think about Civic Duty and Architecture.  Do Architects have an inherent responsibility within their communities, or only to their clients?  Do our duties begin and end with the life of a contract?  Perhaps we have opportunities rather than responsibilities?  One way or another. Architects see the world a little bit differently and that's what we talk about today.  I hope you enjoy it. 

Day 2 - Music

Today I introduce a topic that will be a thematic undercurrent of the show because it is an undercurrent of Life itself.  Music, like Life, Love and Architecture, is fundamental to our existence.  The physical and mathematical properties that describe and define it are a window into the flow ebbs and flows of Life and the advancement of Human culture.  In many ways music and Architecture are two side of the same coin.   Perhaps Mr. Goethe said it best.

"Music is liquid Architecture.  Architecture is Frozen Music."
                                                                                                   - Johann Wolfgang von Goethe -